Welcome to my NEW Improved Website!

Welcome to my NEW Improved Website!

I like to call it MME 2.0 (for MyMusicExpert.com 2.0).  Although I have launched the newest version of the website, there will still be more showing up on the website over time.  Including a whole new HELP section, Tutorials on how to use the website and other systems, Videos, videos and more videos spread all around the website, etc etc

With my new website also comes a new 800 phone number:  866-931-5377.  Feel free to call me and I’ll help answer any questions you may have about my services.

I also offer a referral benefit.  If you refer a new student to me that actually signs up for a subscription plan for lessons, you’ll receive your gift of $20 or a free 1/2 hour lesson, your choice.

I’m glad you are here, learning more about me.  I’m positive, the more you learn, the more You’re Gonna Love It!

Welcome to the Family!

Doug Sinning
CEO / Instructor