I am extremely impressed…

I’ve hired Doug Sinning for voice lessons.

I am extremely impressed with him and the way he conducts his classes with me. He’s very easy to talk to, ask questions of, and relate to. There is a specific format that he uses that not only has me improving in many areas, such as breathing and range, but also is able to show very clearly, how far I’ve progressed, and what I still have to learn and become competent in. He customizes the lessons to ensure that I learn and progress in the specific areas I’ve asked to be instructed in.

I’ve had a blast learning new things, bringing back knowledge that has waned in the last couple decades, and truly enjoying doing the assignments he’s given me.

He’s a lot of fun but he’s also a professional all the way. He’s got the credentials, the extensive experience and, he loves what he does. All of this shows through and makes him a truly exceptional instructor of the highest caliber.

I’d absolutely recommend Doug Sinning, and MyMusicExpert.com for anyone looking to learn, brush up on or expand their musical skills in all areas. He is the teacher you’d love to find but weren’t sure how to, until now that is!